Have… a Good Time… All the Time

I was sitting this weekend in a semi-fast food restaurant. On the wall flashed pictures of news and news and news. The scrolling bar along the bottom of the TV told me more news.

I couldn’t hear the vomit coming from the tube, thank goodness, but the pictures flashed between women’s marches and the president.

Even though I couldn’t hear the news, I felt my body tightening. I don’t normally watch the news or pay attention to the White House and congress because I don’t like to get wound up. I also don’t like media telling me what I should or shouldn’t care about.

While watching these pictures on the TV, I started thinking about the bigger picture – in particular, what the hell is going on with us. I thought again about the skewed media, and decided I had to write a blog post.

Although politics generated the thought process behind this post, this post is not political.

This post is about you. It’s about me. It’s about us.

Look. We live in a great country. Each and every one of us has a right to our own opinion, and a right to make up our own minds. We have a right to turn our attention to things that we are interested in, and passionate about.

On the other hand, we have a right to put other people down. We have every right to be a shitty person. We have a right to show our ignorance and plaster the mistakes of others all over facebook and tabloids.

When I drive down the road, and someone in the car ahead of me acts irrationally, I react irrationally. Usually with an expletive. My wife gets upset when I do this, by I try to assure her that I’m not exactly yelling at the person driving. Rather, I am yelling at the car.

When we stop and take the time to meet someone, and understand them, it is easier to empathize with them. Did they swerve in front of me while answering their phone because a loved one was in the hospital, and they were getting bad news? I don’t know. If I knew that, I might be a little more patient. A little more empathetic.

When I see people orating against things that I believe in, it ruffles my feathers. But I find that when I stop my crazy mind from racing, I wonder why this person thinks the way they do. Is it a result of a series of personal experiences? Are they just spouting what they heard someone else say, and they’re not even aware of what they are saying?

I don’t know.

What I do know, though, is that we – as human beings – spend a lot of time feeling bad or making others feel bad. Why? What the hell are we thinking??

Instead of feeling bad, or making others feel bad, why don’t we just feel good? Is it really that hard? We are so confused through years of experiences and media that direct our feelings… we lose sight of the fact that we CAN think for ourselves. We have the right. We can choose.

It really is that simple!

I think that if we stop focusing on all the things that make us sad, angry, upset, etc., and start looking at things that make us happy, we will find that happiness gives us more common ground to work with.

Being happy isn’t a crime. Having fun isn’t a crime. And rather than putting either one on the back burner – or in a closet or treasure chest hidden away forever – we should focus on how to live happy. How to live fun.

I think we should look at the immortal words of drummer Viv Savage, from Spinal Tap. In his wisdom, we find the words “Have… a good time… all the time.”

It should be that simple, shouldn’t it?