Week 52 – Jelly Bean #2

Sugar Consciousness

As I sat on Easter Sunday,

I found a little jelly bean.

I considered many questions:

Where did it come from?

Why was it here?

Was it a sign?

The red mini-bomb of sugar had me wondering:

What was the flavor – strawberry or cherry?

How old was it?

How long had it been there?

I stared and had a vision of eating it.

My mouth watered,

My parotid tweaked,

My teeth hurt.

That little jelly bean on Easter sunday,

Generated so many questions

For such a minuscule thing.

It made me realize how small I was in the universe.

And how much of an impact I have yet to make.

Week 52 – Jelly Bean #1

His Name

Everywhere he went

He caused a scene

Even at school

He punched the dean

He wore shorts

When they wore jeans

He was dirty

They were clean

It’s no lie

He was obscene

“Eat Crap!” he’d say

See what I mean?

He once dated

The cute prom queen

But he was 30

and she was a teen

There was no way

anyone could intervene

This was the way he was

and his name was Jelly Bean.


Week 51 – Strong #2

Uncle Sam

He was the tallest,

the strongest,

the fastest,

the smartest.

He was the coolest,

the nicest,

the wisest,

the hardest.

He was you,



in between.

He was the first,

the second,

the tenth,

the last.

There was never anyone like him,

there was never anything like him.

He was my Uncle Sam,

I still weep.

Week 51 – Strong #1


The little man sat cold in the chair

After the chemo drip was attached, the nurse covered him with a fleece blanket.

The blanket screamed SPARTANS!, colored in the familiar green and white.

The man sighed heavily, and resigned himself to watch “The Price is Right”.

During the commercial, he looked up at the IV, which dripped, dripped, dripped in silence.

Again, he sighed.

He closed his eyes.

Behind fluttering eyelids, he saw himself 20 years earlier.

Strong, lithe, healthy.

He was hanging out in a tiki bar in Florida, listening to badass reggae riddims while watching college football on TV.

He could almost taste the Rum Runner, and shivered with the cool memory.

He and his buddies were laughing. Sharing motorcycle stories.

He was the only one left now, and he wondered, opening his eyes again, staring at the plastic bag full of vile chemicals, if he’ll ever get another chance to feel the sand of that warm tiki bar under his feet. Ever again.

Week 50 – Home #2

It was a long month, and I was finally home.

Don’t get me wrong, I had amazing adventures!

Rolling along Route 66 in Arizona,

Dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean off Malibu,

Driving through the mountains outside of San Bernardino.

I had rain in New Mexico,

Sunshine in Colorado,

Snow in Utah.

In California I met surfers,

In Nevada I met drifters,

In Texas I met truck drivers.

It was an amazing trip for sure,

Wandering lost for a month in America’s Southwest.

Week 50 – Home #1


I ran

And ran.

I got as far West as I could get, and after a few years,

I realized that I couldn’t stay.

So I ran

And ran.

I went as far East as I could go.

I married and settled down.

But after the accident, I was running again.

South, south, south.

I played shuffleboard with old friends, canasta, too.

But I couldn’t stop fidgeting,

So I took off North.

It’s easy to run away,

But you never outrun your demons and habits.

You can try to go home again,

But it’s never really home.