Week 45 – Vault #1

South Shore

I sit on the beach with my toes in the sand,

The breeze from the ocean brings the salty smell of paradise.

I smile, and take a long cool sip of my margarita.

I was lost in the moment, and filed it away in the vault of my memory.

I come back here often when my day is stressful, or crappy,

Or when I need some motivation to create.

It’s a great reminder of joy and comfort,

Remembering the feel of the sun on my face.

Week 44 – Card #2

You and Me

Jeff was funny. He was a card.

Bob told stories. He was a bard.

Donna loved sports. She was a jock.

Kim told time just like a clock.

Frank sang songs. He was a singer.

Dan played hockey. He was a winger.

Cori cried a lot. She was a weeper.

Helen was cool. She was a keeper.

People are people. They are weird.

They are hated. They are revered.

They love. They hate.

They’re single. They date.

They are you. They are me.

They want to live the dream.

While we struggle. While we argue.

While we spite and throw our shoes.

We’re so much alike, just the same.

Yet we spit at each other, it’s such a shame.

Week 44 – Card #1

The Leap

Sitting at the foot of her bed, she wept crocodile tears.

The damp letter sat beside her. Ink spread in the water.

“Dear Angie,” it said, “I can’t do this anymore…”

It was at that point that her stomach tightened.

He throat felt like a noose.

Her face flushed.

She knew it was because of the card.

She had told him she loved him, even though she knew he wasn’t ready.

He was like a frightened deer in the headlights, yet she sent the card anyway.

At 30 years old, she stood at the edge looking down.

She didn’t see a way out, so she trusted that God knew what was best.

She jumped.

And by trusting in the universe, she found that she could navigate the waters of temporary depression.

By jumping, she embraced her future.

And she started to learn how to stop her destructive tendencies.

She met herself again.

And they became good friends.

It wouldn’t be long before she was in another relationship.

She would have a better understanding of his needs,

She would give him his space,

And she would be rewarded.

Week 43 – Time #2

Tightened Down and Frowny

“Hello,” I said, smiling.

“I don’t have time!” She rushed past.

“Fuck you,” my ego replied.

The sour taste in my mind tasted more bitter with each moment.

My face screwed down tight.

My eyes narrowed.

“Hello!” She said, smiling.

Moving quickly past, I grunted.

The sour taste in her mind grew more and more nasty.

When she got home, her daughter ran to her,

But she was too frowny to smile.

Such a shame. A damn shame.