Week 47 – Celebration #2

Gearing up for the Weekend

Man, we cranked the tunes!

Working through the week, the shop gets a little crazy on Friday!

It starts with those crazy chicken breakfast biscuits that the boss brings in,

Then he turns on some funky-ass music from the 70s!

Most of the guys are older than me, so they tell me all the time at lunch about the wild concerts they saw before they had kids.

Man, talk about wild shit!

By the time four o’clock rolls around, the guys have been yelling stories about Led Zeppelin, and the old man brings in all of his Zepp CDs.

One by one the guys play their faves, but the best one is the last song of the day – “Celebration Day”.

By the time we bust out of the joint, we are fired up and ready for a weekend full of beer and whiskey!