Week 47 – Celebration #1

Festival de Equinox

You could feel the expectation in the air.

The warm, soupy summer slowly turned cooler, more people friendly,

The night of the vernal equinox was the perfect night for a celebration.

And boy howdy, celebrate we did!

All day long, the empty 8-foot tables began to fill with food, food, food, wine, and tequila.

The end of summer garden delights were presented with care.

Soon, the music began. The ragingly awesome guitar riffs of Joe Walsh welcomed the partiers.

After Joe Walsh sang about life being good (so far!), someone turned on Los Lobos, who rocked the rest of the night.

The hot food came out – tamales, tacos with fixins, carnitas, cheese, more cheese.

The mental supplementals came out – the guac, the salsa, chips, hot sauce, and more hot sauce.

It was dizzying, yet just the smell had peoples’ mouths watering!

Beer flowed like tequila. Tequila flowed like water.

It was heaven on earth, and hell was raised.

It was like cinco de Mayo on the 22nd of September.

When the party organically started dying down, there was a dulling of the festivities to match the dulling of the senses.

Drinks flowed slower. Food grew crusty.

There was a declaration of the celebration moratorium as the question mark on the flyer leaned towards 3am.

People stumbled and bumbled back to their residences, and lights went out on porches.

Though the hum of the party died out, there were still pockets where you could still hear the buzz – and two or three voices singing shouts of “Tequila” as quietly as a roaring moose.