Week 41 – Smile #1

Out Dancing

She peeked from behind the door,

Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree.

It wasn’t until I saw her smile, though, that I knew she was really happy to see me.

After a little chitchat and a glass of wine,

We went dancing at the ballroom.

The music was perfect, and the ambiance just right.

We danced and spun, and spun, and spun.

When we were out of breath, we stopped and took a moment to talk.

She was beautiful with her hair pulled up.

I was in awe with the strong lines of her neck and throat.

We danced more until they told us we had to leave.

I took her to my favorite place to watch for shooting stars,

And we necked a little, too.

When I took her home, our kids were asleep.

We went to bed happy, my wife and I.