Week 40 – Bank #1

The Lesson

I hopped to the bank –

Dressed in my pegleg pirate outfit  –

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

But the Halloween party was in full swing, and I needed some cash!

It didn’t help that I had recently had throat surgery, and wasn’t allowed to talk.

As I passed a note to the teller, asking for my withdrawal,

I was jumped by security.

It was humiliating.

But it got worse:

I screamed like a little girl, and the other customers started to laugh.

Security had my own pegleg digging in my ribs, and I was squealing like a penned up animal.

Cops showed up, security got off me, and I was immediately cuffed.

The security guard had broken his nose on my wooden sword when he tackled me, so there was blood everywhere.

I was charged for assault and battery!

After the reporters got wind of the story, my picture was plastered all over the city.

Talk about embarrassing!

My co-workers, who were initially pissed that I didn’t show up at the party, had covered my office in the front page news.

How original!

I learned a few lessons that day, but the most important one was never leave your ATM card at home!