Week 39 – Table #1

Extended Summer Weekend

It was like the holidays – everyone sitting around the table, eating, laughing…

Yet, it was different – barbecue, picnic tables and wet kids.

Summer fun was well underway, and nothing brought family together like burgers, dogs, and beer!

There was constant splashing in the swimming pool and the sound of post-corn on the cob teeth-sucking.

The uncles were off to the side, showing the kids how to shoot watermelon seeds, and then letting the kids loose to raise hell.

There were rumors of a water fight, but the uncles put an end to that real quick, by throwing the kids in the pool one after another.

As the night drew closer, no one wanted to go home, so someone started a fire pit, and the Jell-o shots were passed around.

There was some singing (and some caterwauling!), but for the most part, there were stories told and good memories being made.

In the morning, there was some grumbling as each family went their own way –

Some to breakfast, and some back home.

And they were all happy.