Week 38 – Grow #2

The Rally

“I got this,” she said.

Looking her in the eyes, I saw the quiet confidence and stepped aside.

She looked at me again, not sure if she really was ready.

It broke my heart to see her firm her jaw and pull aside the curtains.

The rally was already out of control, and I had a bad feeling.

But she was born for this, and we had all seen her grow in the heat of the lights.

By the time she stepped to the microphone, sirens had begun to wail.

She began to shout. They began to shout.

And a man appeared from the confusion.

He kissed her.

She touched her mouth as if she’d been slapped.

She blindly reached for him and planted a kiss on his lips.

The crowd started laughing, unsure of what was going on.

As the rain started, I could tell that she wasn’t so sure of what to do anymore.

But I was just as stunned as everyone else, and didn’t even think to go after her.

And I realized that I was laughing, too.

Everyone was laughing.

They threw flowers on the stage for her – it was amazing!

And the next day, even the cynical newspapers ran headlines that included the words “love” and “laughter”.

After years of percolating hate between Americans,

A kiss. And laughter.

Diffused the anger and misconceptions.

And for at least one day, it changed the world.