Week 36 – Drive #2

The Plan

I had the drive

I had the purpose

I had a plan

It was there I began.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. In fact it was a gorgeous summer morning.

I packed up my supplies, and then some.

I threw them in the back of my car and drove off.

Styling in  my flip-flops, shorts and tank top, sunglasses shading my eyes and a floppy hat upon my head.

I cranked up the radio, and whistled along with Robert Plant… I might have sang along, too… but we won’t talk about that…

A few hours later, as I rolled up on the beach, I found my favorite trees.

Pulling out my supplies, I set the cooler full of beer at my feet.

I strung up the hammock.

And pissed the day away.

Just like I planned.