Week 32 – Fellow #1

The Contest

He stifled a laugh, while I couldn’t help but snort.

The things people do when they don’t realize people are watching!

Obviously, the kid dropped the shoe and ran when he heard my outburst.

It was the sort of day that best friends could hang out and try and out-do each other in practical jokes to others.

Back in ’06, the practical jokes got out of hand, and we agreed it was best to do unto others rather than ourselves.

I gotta admit, I don’t think I ever got over that dead raccoon in my backseat!

The ritual, which happened once a year, the week before the summer solstice, always ended the same way:

Drunk and howling at the moon, we’d sing “For he’s a jolly good fellow”, and toast our friendship, which, so far, has outlasted three marriages, six pets, and a Volkswagen Microbus.