Week 31 – Coast #2

I am the Boom

“The coast is clear,” they said over the headset.

I had positioned myself for the best opportunity, and it was time.

There was no sound, except for the beating of my heart.

A bead of sweat ran down the tip of my nose.

I inhaled deeply. And let the breath slowly out.

The tension in the air was thick.

Smoke and flashing red lights threw the scene into deeper chaos.

“Just like we planned it,” I said to myself as I counted down – the target was just beyond my line of vision.


I was reminded of the “Space Oddity” countdown, engines on…

The platform rumbled beneath my feet, and I tried to focus my gaze.

“Target at 50 yards,” they assured me.

“It’s go time,” I muttered under my breath.

My stone. Cold. Breath.

There was a flash and more smoke.

Next thing I knew, I was flying.

Ass over tea kettle, I believe they call it.

There was still no sound.

I caught a glimpse of God smiling at me.

There was my mark –

A net to catch me and hug me in its grasp.

Air! Oh! I had forgotten to breathe!

But does a human cannonball really, truly need to breathe?