Week 29 – Fidelity #1


The telephone rang, screaming the lyrics to some Linkin Park song.

I screeched to a stop halfway through my bowling approach.

“Sonuva -…” I thought – aloud.

It was my roommate  – pickled again.

I was happy he was at home, because otherwise, I might have tried to fit my bowling ball down his throat.

“Dude!” he said, slurring like a dog that licked a toad. “Where the fug are you?”

His voice, when he’s drunk, is the same tone as a cat in heat.

“What do you want?” I asked. Pissed.

“I need you to pick me up. Stereo Weedwagon is playing at Hi Fidelity!”

“I’ll be right there!” I said, and hung up.

I turned off the phone, put it in my bowling bag, and went back to the thing I loved most – chucking a ball down the lane, crushing pins.

When our league was over, the female midnight league started.

I sat watching the girls get drunk, ordering them wine after wine.

If I was going to miss Stereo Weedwagon, I was at least going to get lucky!