Week 21 – Plate #1


At 60 feet, 6 inches, the plate looked a long distance from pitcher’s mound.

The batter looked tiny, and the strike zone was even smaller.

But I was used to putting string through the needle’s eye.

I got this.

Wait, did the batter just smile at me?

Stop it, hold on. Get your head straight.

I counted my breaths, just like in training

I leaned back and raised my arms, just like in training

and after I threw the ball, I followed through, just like in training.

And just like in training, the umpire raised his arm and pointed, as he punctuated the air with his voice – “Hee-rike!”

And there is was. I was back and better than ever.

Nothing was going to stop me!

I counted my breaths, just like in training.

Ready to throw my second pitch of the new season.