Week 19 – Carnival #1

One Night Only

In the sweaty summer night, the moon melted behind wheezy clouds

Noise hung solidly over the dirt and straw of the midway grounds

Hucksters and carnies shouted over the crowds, luring the unsuspecting

While bells and sirens screamed and strobe lights flashed.

People laughed, yelled, and cheered

While drinking beer, and soda.

Eating fried everything, cotton candy, and elephant ears.

One night only

At the carnival.

Week 18 – Future #2

Past Promise

I smiled and thought about the promise we made

Years and years ago

Over bottles of tequila and the Mexican moon

Visions of sitting on rocking chairs on the front porch

Of our nursing home

Laughing at all the stupid things we did

When we were in the now

We had no future

We only had the past

and we believed in how we lived

Little did we know

That we grew too close

and that dissolved our love

Though we are now strangers

I smile and laugh when I think of the promise

We made

All those years ago

And how we have met that promise


and alone.

Week 18 – Future #1


There are days that I lie in bed




There are days that I sit at my desk




There are days that I look outside the window




There are days that I sit in a daze

and simply


my future.

Week 17 – Birth #2


They say that there is always pain with birth

There is also pain with a papercut

There is pain when you stub your toe

There is pain when you are broken.

Some say that living is pain.

Some say that there is no life without pain.

No pain, no gain, they say.

Pain makes you feel alive.

It’s all such a pain.


Week 17 – Birth #1


It appeared one day

a splotch of ink

on a swatch of paper.

Well-timed and well-metered

a voice that sang

a rhythm that moved.

It carried throughout the world

echoing in the valley

skidding off mountain tops.

It was a cold idea

of frosty attitude

and chilly inception.

It was a hot topic

delivered at fever pitch

a smoky ring around the crust.

So it was at dawn

So it is at dusk

The birth of hope.

The daughter of creativity and ingenuity.

Week 16 – Karma #1

Social Payback

I faced the day, strangely alone.

The silence that surrounded me made me uneasy – I was used to the drone of the city, even though I didn’t like it.

Out on the balcony, I stared into the sun, and allowed its warmth to penetrate my bones.

I figured I’d take a ride on my bike on this glorious day – but only after I finished my morning routine.

So I got down to it –

Tai chi – breakfast – CNN – ESPN

Then I worked some:

I posted pictures of people in compromising positions – it was funny, it was damaging, and it was damn mean!

But that’s how I made my living, and I was fine with that.

This morning’s photos were particularly evil, and I laughed my ass off.

I was fueled by bitterness and coffee.

When I finished my morning work, I got dressed and prepped to ride.

I hopped on my bike and pedaled down the road.

At 10 miles, I turned around to come home.

The energizing and warming sun stared me in the face.

I never saw that turtle in the middle of the road, and swerved to avoid hitting it.

Ass over tea kettle I rolled down the hill – into days old swamp water.

My tires were tacked, and my shorts were torn.

Soaked and reeking, I slowly walked my bike back home – my ass hanging out for the world to see.

Based on the waves and car horns beeping, I reckoned everyone was having a laugh on me –

And then, there I was on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat…

The butt – if you will – of the meanest comments…


Week 15 – Plane #2

Nor’easter to the Northeast

My white knuckles strained against the elbow rests

Meditation didn’t work

My muscles were so tight it would take a week – or a fifth of whiskey – to loosen up – and dare I suggest – relax

Who goes to Buffalo via Newark in February?

Panic was an eyelash away

While the plane bucked like an angry bull

Inside the sardine can, the attendant laughed

As he dropped to a knee in the aisle while simultaneously carrying drinks

Upon landing, I rushed to the nearest


Yes, two shots per drink please – PRONTO!

Next stop Buffalo

Flying Tigers and beer cheese soup

Almost worth it.