Week 14 – Brush #1

The Wonder of Wander

In a daze, I wandered.

Sometimes you’re the fly, and sometimes you’re the windshield.

I definitely felt like the windshield.

As I walked, my mind collapsed and expanded.

I had no idea what I was seeing or not seeing,

Thinking or not thinking.

I never saw the bee that flung itself into my thigh,

But I felt the burning pain of bee fire.

It made me feel human, though.

It made me feel.

I was reminded of that day back in ’77, when I was at temple.

The yogi smiled at me as he touched my wrist with a glowing rod.

I traced the scar without thinking.

I realized that smiles are not always sinister,

And frowns aren’t always about you.

I brushed aside the tree limb that wanted so desperately to smack me in the head,

And I realized…

It just didn’t matter.