Week 13 – Head #2

Meet Me at the Corner of Now and Not Now

There was nothing in the noggin…

A few minutes after I awoke, I was in the perfect zen state – no thought, no breath, no life, no nothing… (nothing)

Bewildered, I was pre-thinking, post-dreaming,

And in a moment, it all disappeared.

I started thinking.

I tried remembering my dreams.

I tried to think about the day ahead.

I tried to think.

It was that moment that destroyed my morning zen, and I never realized it.

The empty brain was fleeting.

The floating head was grounded.

There will be no nirvana with my coffee.

Nothing but the pain push-pull of my gray matter waging battle against itself.

All. Day. Long.

But I had hope – a slim hope, but one nonetheless –

There would be a chance for the same moment tomorrow…

I only hope I don’t recognize it!