Week 7 – Fire #2

Creative Fire

It’s cold.

I’m cold.

It’s early.

I stand in place and shiver for a moment.

Then I sit down, lean in, and begin rubbing two ideas together.

The ideas begin to warm.

I begin to warm.

And as I rub furiously,

The paper catches aflame with the pinpoint focus of a magnifying lens.

I don’t have time to bask in the glow of my creative fire.

I have to constantly stoke it,

Nurture it,

Baby it.

I have to feed it more ideas, for like a human baby, it is always hungry.

And it can always run cold.

At every moment, I have a decision to make:

Keep stoking?

Or let it cool?

Anything can cause the flame to die.

Anything can cause the fire to temporarily burn out.

But anything can cause it to reignite –

As long as I can be open to it.