Week 6 – Roast #2

Hanging with Celebs

We wandered the town, looking for something to do.

There was a small building with a small parking lot, and a large door.

We stepped inside, only to see faces and faces of people we knew.

Well, we didn’t really know them, but we did.

Somehow, they let us in.

We sat at the bar and ordered drinks.

I had an Old Fashioned.


Everyone was laughing. Laughing. Laughing.

My side hurt.

I looked up on stage. There was

Freddie Prinze (Sr.)

Redd Foxx

Barry Williams

Sean Connery

Shaun Cassidy

Sonny Bono

Steve Martin


And the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

No, not him, the other one.

So there we were, in 1976, in the middle of town, at the celebrity roast of Eddie Albert.