Week 5 – Wellness #2


“Wellness,” she said, “is the be all, end all.”

I excused myself. Feeling sick and disoriented, I found the nearest toilet and barfed.

“Sickness,” I heard her say, “is all in your head.”

My head pounded, the result of no caffeine for 48 hours.

“Callousness,” she droned on, “is disconnection of the heart and mind.”

When THE FUCK would this end?

“Calmness,” her annoying voice creaked, “is desired.”

I had hoped the speakers in the bathroom would be playing music instead of this crap!

“Dryness,” she whispered, “is from a lack of moisture.”

Wow! She nailed that one – what other inane thing could she come up with?

“Death,” she wheezed, “is inevitable.”

I whimpered, lying on the bathroom floor.