Week 5 – Wellness #1


I laid down to meditate, throwing a blanket over me to ensure I was comfortable.

Slowly, the breaths got deeper, and I began to count to five, feeling a calmness flow over me.

It was through meditation that I learned to face the day,

I learned to deal with stress,

I learned wellness.

Within moments, I was in that place –

The place between my eyes, that some call the third eye.

I hovered in that space, barely above my body.

Here, I realized that I could talk to the spirits, the angels, the ones who watch over me.

Somewhere in my body, I was still counting.


And somewhere my soul was stirring.

The best part of my day comes from meditation, and as soon as the alarm went off –

A sweet peal of a Tibetan bowl –

I found myself looking forward to the next time.