Week 4 – Train #2


I wander, my mind moves, I count

Breath, anda 1. Breath anda 2. Breath anda 3. Breath anda 4. Breath anda 5…

Her lips move, but I don’t hear her. Rather, I hear multiple other things simultaneously:

My heartbeat. Nine Inch Nails. Breath anda 12 (breath anda 13, breath anda 14…)

I don’t know how many breath andas I count, but there are a lot.

It doesn’t matter though, like they say, I’m just putting in my time.

I move, my mind wanders, I count

I don’t know why I count, but I do, and it sets my mindset for the day.

1, pause, 2, pause, 3, pause, 4, pause, 5…

I check myself out in the mirror. Damn hot, if I do say so myself!

That woman is looking at me again and talking.

What would I do without TV?

18, pause, 19, pause, and 20.


I train to plateau, and then change things up a bit.

Until I plateau again.

As I walk out into the blinding sunrise, sweat blinds my eyes,

And I crave salt.