Week 4 – Train #1

Freight Train Lullaby

Shuttling past icons of history, and cities of wonder,

I fidget a bit in my seat, knowing that after the sun sets on this crazy day,

The world will turn black for a number of hours, and only occasionally will the firefly lights of metropolitan communities shoot past the windows.

Thus is my life on the train during non-daylight savings hours.

My haunted past of bouncy planes and cramped rental cars still fresh in my mind.

Yes, YES, this is the true way to travel.

Despite hurtling at a speed of nearly 100 miles per hour, it feels that time slows down.

I live in the moment the best that I can. I stare out the window, and catch myself daydreaming – thinking about the fantasies I had as a child, watching the lumbering trains go by.

“Where are they going to?” I wondered, creating their story for my own amusement.

For instance, there was that long freight train running parallel to us in the Mojave Desert when we went to visit my grandparents.

In the middle of nothing, in the middle of nowhere, there was this train!

I decided that it, too, was coming from the Midwest to the West coast – perhaps to visit their own family: Uncle Pete the artist, Uncle Fred alcoholic, Grandma Engineer, who always had almond cookies and a hard candy dish…

These momentary daydreams allow me to live multiple lives at the same time.

The light fades from the sky, and the lightning bugs awake…

In Nashville, Memphis, Tulsa, Amarillo…

By the time we cross into New Mexico, I’ve been asleep for a while,

Sung to the tune of a long forgotten freight train lullaby.