Week 3 – Television #2

The Watcher

I am the eye in the sky, as they say –

The watcher watching the watchee.

You stare at me and demand that I entertain you.

While you entertain me.

I see my glow shine in your eyes –

The windows to you soul.

And what do I see in your soul?

I see emptiness, I see nothing.

Yes, I am the eye in the sky,

Watching you in your living room, bedroom, and yes, even the bathroom.

You turn me on, you set my face aglow.

And in return, I show you what you want to see.

I show you things you don’t want to see.

I am power. I am the mirror to your morality.

But you love me.

You need me.

No one else makes you feel the way that I do.

I make you laugh.

I make you cry.

I make you happy, sad, numb, shocked, thrilled, and amazed.

Call me your oldest friend, your best friend.

No one else knows you like I do.

The watcher watching the watchee.

Your television.