Week 3 – Television #1

Pain, Relax

I stare at the television –

Random snapshots of life –

No, carefully chosen snapshots of disharmony and angst.

It was so much better as a kid watching cartoons on Saturday mornings!

Now, as I sit in pain, brain cramping from all this bad news,

I reach for my drink, which has gotten stiffer throughout the evening.

I drink deeply, the magic elixir of tequila, tequila, and tequila. With a shot of plastic bottle lemon juice.

When I finish, I smack my lips and listen to the ice clink at the bottom of my glass.

After 10 minutes, I realize I’m wringing my hands, and wishing for another drink.


Instead, I turn off the television.

My vision clears.

My pain softens.

My dry, achy eyes close.

I relax for the first time today.


And there is peace.