Week 2 – Cramp #2

Electric Acid

The tasteless fluid ran down his throat.

Unsure of the speed of the substance, he sat down in a cozy chair.

His feet were flat on the floor. His eyes looked at the ceiling.

He turned up the stereo until he felt the musical beat throbbing in his chest.

“Don’t think,” he thought to himself. “Just be.”

After a few moments – or an hour, for all he knew – a great soaring bald eagle flapped into the room and ripped him from his body.

“Come,” the bird roared, “the ascendants are ready for you.”

And whoosh! He was completely out of his body, spreading wide, and flat like a giant piece of paper.

Out of his cramped body, he was rolling and swimming in the waves of the breeze, taking whatever form he needed to be.

The eagle stared into his eyes as they raced through the sky.

“For all your knowledge,” the eagle said, “you know nothing.”