Week 2 – Cramp #1

Gripping Sunrise

I laid in the exquisite silence of dawn. Birds chirped outside the open windows, and the newborn pink sky tilted towards another day.

I smiled as I remembered my dream:

My wife and I were sitting at an outside gelato café in Turin, Italy.

She was reading the local newspaper (which was weird, since she doesn’t understand Italian!), while I was mapping out our travels for the day.

Kids rode by on their bicycles, and elderly men and women walked down the street either on their way to – or from – the outdoor market.

The weather was perfect – mid 70s with just a slight breeze.

As I continued to replay my dream, I rolled onto my back.

I yawned, and streeeeeetttched…

And BAM!

The cramp twisted my calf into a tight pretzel knot.

My foot pointed grotesquely as I quickly rolled over to the edge of the bed.

I put my foot on the floor, and remembering what Auntie Aggie taught me, I slowly started to apply pressure, oh so slowly standing up.

The pain was the antithesis of the morning I was just having –

It consumed my thoughts, and ate holes into my Italian dream.

I gnashed my teeth and squirmed in discomfort.

I began to make deals with god and the devil.

In desperation, I began to rub, then punch my overly fatigued muscle.

A guttural groan escaped my throat.

The seconds became years…

When finally, the demon’s grip on my lower leg let loose and was allowed to relax once again!

I plopped back on the bed, looking out the window.

For a moment I tried to grasp that memory of Italy – a place I’d never been.

But like the cramp, the memory was gone.

The newborn pink sky had turned daylight blue, and it was time to face the day.