Week 1 – Cartoon #2

Cereal Killer

The morning chill crept in as I tossed back the covers.

Static electricity sparked from the sheets to my flannel pajamas,

But I had no time to notice –

My bare feet hit the cold, tiled floor, and I quickly jumped into my fuzzy slippers.

I opened the door, careful not to let it creak too loud.

Rubbing sleep from my eyes, I shuffled down the hallway –

Not realizing that I was setting myself up for another static zap!


I turned on the TV – ZAP!

Yet I was barely aware.

The TV tube flickered as I switched channels.

The Canadian national anthem played

There was a test pattern

And voila! There it was…


I shuffled into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator – ZAP!

And grabbed the milk, putting it on the table.

I pulled up a kitchen table chair, climbed up, and grabbed a bowl from the cabinet.


Leaving the chair, I padded to the pantry and found the box of sweet yummy Frankenberry cereal.


Back to the kitchen table, I dumped too much cereal into the bowl, little pellets of sugar bombs leaping from the bowl to the table.

Followed with too much milk poured from the plastic container.


I grabbed a spoon, and carefully made my way back to the living room – leaving a path of red #2 dyed oats.

Sitting on the floor, I mindlessly ate my breakfast.

It was Saturday morning in Michigan.

And cartoons were on!