The Sun Sploosh


The first time I went to Key West, it was a magical trip. It was during my “lost weekend” in 2002. After I finished treatments for Hodgkin’s Disease, I took a few weeks to tour the Southeast – to warm up and rejuvenate.

I ended up spending a couple of days with some friends in Miami Lakes, Florida. One day, we decided to drive down to Key West. It was a magical experience for me – the sunshine, the warm breezes (despite being November!), and the music we played on the CD player along the way, all added to the magic!

Just before we hit the 7-Mile bridge, we stopped to eat at Porky’s. At that time, there was nothing better than a couple of Corona beers, some Bar-B-Q (the fried Key Lime Pie was pretty wacky, too!), and local entertainment.

The trip was a brief out-and-back, but it’s one of those trips that give you the warm fuzzies every time you think about it.

Years later, my wife and I spent Christmas in Florida. We stayed a few days in Hollywood, and experienced a big-as-your-head burger at Le Tub for our Christmas dinner. It was crazy to be someplace warm and sunny on a day that’s traditionally cold and cold in the Midwest!

From Hollywood, we drove on down to Key West. We had a blast taking the trolley tour, and hanging out at the wine bar at night. At the tip of Key West is an area called Mallory Square. It’s here that you can see the sun sploosh into the ocean at the end of the day.

Mallory Square is crazy – EVERYONE knows that this is where you can see the sun sploosh. Therefore, EVERYONE is there! There are buskers, artists, performers, all sorts of people trying to get a few bucks out of you (admittedly, one of the funniest shows was the trained cats!).

Each time I go to Key West, it triggers all of those magical memories. Each time, I try to get to Mallory Square for the sunset. Views like this don’t come every day, and you certainly don’t see many cats jumping through a ring of fire!  Plus, If you ever get a chance, rent a moped for a day and explore the island in geeky style – just watch out for the chickens!