Week 40 – Bank #2

The River

It was a glorious summer morning –

Dew coated the grass in a sheen of diamonds,

The rising sun set the sky afire.

I sat on the bank of the river, listening to the stories it told.

It hissed stories of its history, of our history, and tales of love and woe.

As it spoke, I closed my eyes,

Painting pictures in my head.

I followed along eagerly, hanging on its every word,

Floating in space,

Carried by the stream.

Above the dun of the water’s voice, the hum of traffic hung in the air.

The day had begun.

Stories told, stories heard.

There will be more tales on other days…

Time to lay my head down to sleep.

And to dream.


Week 40 – Bank #1

The Lesson

I hopped to the bank –

Dressed in my pegleg pirate outfit  –

Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done.

But the Halloween party was in full swing, and I needed some cash!

It didn’t help that I had recently had throat surgery, and wasn’t allowed to talk.

As I passed a note to the teller, asking for my withdrawal,

I was jumped by security.

It was humiliating.

But it got worse:

I screamed like a little girl, and the other customers started to laugh.

Security had my own pegleg digging in my ribs, and I was squealing like a penned up animal.

Cops showed up, security got off me, and I was immediately cuffed.

The security guard had broken his nose on my wooden sword when he tackled me, so there was blood everywhere.

I was charged for assault and battery!

After the reporters got wind of the story, my picture was plastered all over the city.

Talk about embarrassing!

My co-workers, who were initially pissed that I didn’t show up at the party, had covered my office in the front page news.

How original!

I learned a few lessons that day, but the most important one was never leave your ATM card at home!

Week 39 – Table #2

Hard Night

I lay down my head to sleep…

Big, beautiful sleep.

The nighttime sounds of insects and cars driving down the street waft through the open windows.

I think I’m asleep within moments.

As I stretch awake, I consider dreams that are already fading.

The car crash, the stretcher, the jewelry on the table beside the bed.

My heart races as I sit upright.

Dreams. Just dreams.

The sunlight streams between the blinds.

All is well.

Damn, I slept hard!

Week 39 – Table #1

Extended Summer Weekend

It was like the holidays – everyone sitting around the table, eating, laughing…

Yet, it was different – barbecue, picnic tables and wet kids.

Summer fun was well underway, and nothing brought family together like burgers, dogs, and beer!

There was constant splashing in the swimming pool and the sound of post-corn on the cob teeth-sucking.

The uncles were off to the side, showing the kids how to shoot watermelon seeds, and then letting the kids loose to raise hell.

There were rumors of a water fight, but the uncles put an end to that real quick, by throwing the kids in the pool one after another.

As the night drew closer, no one wanted to go home, so someone started a fire pit, and the Jell-o shots were passed around.

There was some singing (and some caterwauling!), but for the most part, there were stories told and good memories being made.

In the morning, there was some grumbling as each family went their own way –

Some to breakfast, and some back home.

And they were all happy.

Week 38 – Grow #2

The Rally

“I got this,” she said.

Looking her in the eyes, I saw the quiet confidence and stepped aside.

She looked at me again, not sure if she really was ready.

It broke my heart to see her firm her jaw and pull aside the curtains.

The rally was already out of control, and I had a bad feeling.

But she was born for this, and we had all seen her grow in the heat of the lights.

By the time she stepped to the microphone, sirens had begun to wail.

She began to shout. They began to shout.

And a man appeared from the confusion.

He kissed her.

She touched her mouth as if she’d been slapped.

She blindly reached for him and planted a kiss on his lips.

The crowd started laughing, unsure of what was going on.

As the rain started, I could tell that she wasn’t so sure of what to do anymore.

But I was just as stunned as everyone else, and didn’t even think to go after her.

And I realized that I was laughing, too.

Everyone was laughing.

They threw flowers on the stage for her – it was amazing!

And the next day, even the cynical newspapers ran headlines that included the words “love” and “laughter”.

After years of percolating hate between Americans,

A kiss. And laughter.

Diffused the anger and misconceptions.

And for at least one day, it changed the world.

Week 38 – Grow #1

Zen Environment

Little sapling

I watch from afar

You grow tall and proud.

Oh wise tree

Growing in the woods

Do you ponder whether

You’d make noise if you fell

And no one was around?

Week 37 – Catalog #2

The Museum

The museum of random modern art is just as quirky as its’ name.

Located on a corner near a busy intersection, the colorful doors invite you to your own unique experience.

At the main desk, you can pick up a headset that gives you a wi-fi enabled tour experience.

While they play randomized snippets of songs chosen to make your experience more random than you can handle, you can meander past exhibits and feed into the randomness.

You can stop at the vizualisation station and pick a random set of glasses that show you a potential path through the museum. Hint: Each path ends at the gift shop!

What a joy to pick through the random pieces of modern art!

Look! It’s a picture of the melted front end of a cop car caused by the exhaust of an M1 Abrams tank! Its’ title? “Tanks a lot! Waa waa…”

There’s a sculpture of a feline, made entirely of wood! Look closely, and you’ll see the name “Cat of log (get it? Catalog?)”

Oh, the laughs!

Oh the sights!

Is that a burning bag of poo in the corner, or is it just a burning bag? You better find out!

It’s neither! It’s a hologram!

Any guess what it’s called?

Yep, that’s right!

This museum is something you’ll never forget!

Week 37 – Catalog #1

The Gift

The big day was coming, and I tirelessly searched for the right gift.

I searched the department stores.

I searched the hardware stores.

I searched the jewelry stores.

I searched the pop-up kiosks.

I searched the bookstores.

I searched the beauty stores and bath stores.

I looked in pet stores and farm co-ops.

I looked in recreational stores.

I looked in restaurants.

I scoured catalogs, and online specialty sites.

I looked in wine shops and craft beer stores.

And in the end,

I simply pulled out a pen and a sheet of paper.

I drew a heart, then ten.

I dipped my pen into the inkwell of my heart.

And the words of pure love ran across the page.

Week 36 – Drive #2

The Plan

I had the drive

I had the purpose

I had a plan

It was there I began.

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. In fact it was a gorgeous summer morning.

I packed up my supplies, and then some.

I threw them in the back of my car and drove off.

Styling in  my flip-flops, shorts and tank top, sunglasses shading my eyes and a floppy hat upon my head.

I cranked up the radio, and whistled along with Robert Plant… I might have sang along, too… but we won’t talk about that…

A few hours later, as I rolled up on the beach, I found my favorite trees.

Pulling out my supplies, I set the cooler full of beer at my feet.

I strung up the hammock.

And pissed the day away.

Just like I planned.

Week 36 – Drive #1

Outside of San Diego

I awoke with a start

The clock glared at me with its red eyes



The alarm was set for 4am. It was going to be rough going back to sleep.

As I laid there, I thought about the day ahead

I was in the 4th day of a 10 day road trip.

So far, the drive had had its ups and downs

I was on the outskirts of San Diego, and wanted to be up early to get through the city before the morning rush

If I listened closely, I could hear the ocean.

I rolled over and tried to count sheep

But my brain kept getting in the way.

So I got up and took a shower.

Miles to go before I sleep.

Miles to go before I sleep.